Student of the Month - April 2016

This year we decided to reward the students’ attitudes and efforts. Each month we will be considering some aspects of their development.

In April, the parameters were the academic performance of students together with their helpful and friendly attitudes towards their classmates.

Each group from Children 2 to CAE chose a student. And they are:

Children 2 morning - Luisa Casariego

Children 2 - Martina Jasperson

Children 3 - Lucas Sosa

Juniors 1 - Julieta Cardoso

Juniors 2 - Francisco Méndez

Juniors 3 - Sophía Robledo

Juniors 4 - Juan Ignacio Castillo

PET - Juan Pablo Maside

FCE - Jacinto Sanguinetti

                                                                                                                                                                      CAE - Gonzalo Ubilla

2016 - 04 - Student of the Month - April

Here are some pieces of writing selected by each student of the month:

CAE - Review of a historical film by Gonzalo Ubilla

Gonzalo Ubilla

“The King’s Speech”


This film is a British biographical and historical drama directed by Tom Hooper. The plot takes place in the heart of the British crown and one of its most convulsive periods of its history, the outbreak of Second World War and the sudden abdication of Edward VIII.

This story co-stars by Colin Firth as King George VI and Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue, who plays the role of a speech and language therapist and helps the king to cope with a stammer. We witness an unusual mixture created between these characters and how they evolve helping each other. The rest of the cast is remarkably appropriate and well interpreted.

Emphasizing on technical aspects, we can assure that the setting and photography are absolutely brilliant. Moreover soundtrack and costumes are worthy of a loud applause; as authentic jewels that make this film dazzle in the viewer’s eyes. Unfortunately, we have to remark a weakness which is a lack of historical accuracy and the script is not as honest as the story deserves but as Hugo Vickers (a reviewer of the film) said “the alteration of historical details to preserve the essence of the dramatic story was necessary”.

Definitely, it is important to see the analogy between The King and United Kingdom, George VI expresses fears, hopes and duties which UK’s population felt in front of an imminent war.

In a few words, this piece of seventh art is inexcusably sublime so I strongly recommend you to put it into your “top list of recommendations”.

Student of the Month April LuisaStudent of the Month April Jacinto

Julieta Cardoso - Juniors 1 - Composition: 'Describe your family'

Hello! How are you?

Today I speak about me and my family.

My name is Julieta, I am eleven years old. I´m from Uruguay. My favourite sport is handball I love it!

My favourite food is pizza and my favourite movie is ‘Zootopia’. 

On Mondays I play the piano and I learn English.

I have got two sisters, their names are Paulina and Pilar. Paulina is nine years old and she loves chocolate and candy. Her favourite colour is green and her favourite programme is ``Liv and Maddie´´. Pilar is one year old, and she loves dogs and cats. Her favourite programme is ``Peppa´´. She likes to take  pictures and dancing.

My mother is called Patricia, she is thirty-three years old. Her favourite band is ``El cuarteto de nos´´ and her favourite colour  is sky blue.

My father is called Michel, he is thirty-eight years old. His favourite programme is ``The Walking dead´´ and he likes playing the guitar. His favourite colour is blue.

We are a big family.